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Unreal Engine Essentials

An introductory workshop to introduce the essentials tools in Unreal Engine used in television, film, and virtual production


Unreal Engine is known by many as a powerful platform for video game development, but Unreal's real-time rendering technology has also become an increasingly vital tool in film, television, and virtual production. This workshop introduces students to the essential tools in Unreal Engine for those looking to leverage it in their media production.

To see examples of the use of Unreal Engine here at The NYC Center for Media Education, take a look at our Virtual Production Playlist on YouTube:

YouTube Cover Image for a Motion Capture test video using Unreal Engine

Max Capacity: 12

What You Should Know:

What You Will Learn:

  • Basic Uses of Unreal Engine 5 for filmmakers
  • How to navigate the Unreal Engine 5 interface
  • How to navigate within the 3D workspace of Unreal Engine 5
  • How to add objects to a scene in Unreal Engine 5
  • How to add keyframe animation to objects
  • How to apply animation pre-sets to rigged characters
  • How to add and manipulate a camera in a scene
  • How to add and manipulate lights in a scene
  • How to import Epic's Metahumans 
  • How to import Quixel scanned objects
  • How to work with the Unreal Engine 5 Sequencer
  • How to export a simple animation

What You Will Need:

  • Portable hard drive to take home what you create in class

What's Next: 

Accessibility Statement

Due to the nature of the production environment, some portions of the facility may be difficult to navigate by individuals using mobility devices. Please inform us if you have any accessibility needs before registering for class. We will do our best to support accessibility requests.

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